About the project

In the face of environmental challenges such as global warming, pollution, urban sprawl, deforestation and loss of biodiversity which increasingly jeopardise the life of living beings on our planet, the need to raise awareness of environment related challenges among people has now become urgent.

In such a context, adult education plays a critical role in preparing citizens for the future living and in encouraging them to take individual responsibility for protecting the whole communities they live in, in response to global challenges.

Environmental education and awareness-raising for adults can empower informed decision-making, play an essential role in increasing adaptation capacities of communities, and empower women and men to adopt sustainable lifestyles.


Environmental education makes for responsible citizens and is key to progress towards a sustainable development. As human effects on our environment progress, more community-based effort is needed.

However, the idea that human health cannot be safeguarded without protecting our planet’s biodiversity is still far from being taken seriously, and too often the protection of nature is considered as a secondary objective compared to socioeconomic development.

The Erasmus+ project “GEA – Growing into Eco-conscious Adults” intends to encourage people to bring about real change in behaviour and actions starting from their daily lives.

To this aim, GEA partnership will design and implement a set of innovative and high-quality educational resources addressed to both adult educators and adult learners (especially with disadvantaged socio-economic/educational background), ultimately aimed at raising environmental awareness among adults who are out of formal education, while conveying the importance of social and digital inclusion in the field of adult education.


To increase opportunities of disadvantaged adults to engage with their communities in environmental & climate actions

To develop an open e-learning programme for adult educators and a set of resources aimed at increasing adults’ eco-consciousness and community engagement

To encourage a shared decision-making process and co-design of environmental policies

To ensure wide and sustainable access to a set of innovative results for stronger environmental literacy

The project partnership is formed by 7 organisations from different European countries:

Start/Completion dates: 01/11/2022 – 31/10/2025

Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation Partnership in Adult education