In the face of environmental challenges such as global warming, pollution, urban sprawl, deforestation and loss of biodiversity which increasingly jeopardise the life of living beings on our planet, the need to raise awareness of environment related challenges among people has now become urgent.

In such a context, adult education plays a critical role in preparing citizens for the future living and in encouraging them to take individual responsibility for protecting the whole communities they live in, in response to global challenges.
GEA project aims to enhance “environmental literacy” of adults, in order to contribute to informed decision-making and stronger adaptation capacities of communities, thus empowering women and men to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.


To increase opportunities of disadvantaged adults to engage with their communities in environmental & climate actions

To develop an open e-learning programme for adult educators and a set of resources aimed at increasing adults’ eco-consciousness and community engagement

To encourage a shared decision-making process and co-design of environmental policies

To ensure wide and sustainable access to a set of innovative results for stronger environmental literacy



Participatory field-study, complementing a desk-based research on citizen science, environmental challenges and actions.


Development and delivery of the GEA e-learning programme, empowering adult educators to promote community-based environmental action.


Delivery of environmental awareness-raising actions with disadvantaged adults.


Set-up of local environmental committees and development of an innovative co-designed policy initiative booklet.


GEA Interactive report

Citizen science approaches, environmental challenges and climate actions.

E-learning kit for adult educators

This section will give you direct access to GEA e-learning programme for adult educators.

Sustainability kit for environmental awareness-raising

A collection of instruments to support environmental awareness-raising, as a printable “how-to guide”.

Co-designed policy initiatives booklet

Set of recommendations for policy-initiatives, “co-designed” by citizens and policy makers.