Interactive report

Citizen science approaches, environmental challenges and climate actions. It will be based on two main pillars:

  1. Review of citizen science approaches – methods used in adult education to open up science and boost citizens’ participation;
  2. Analysis of environmental challenges & actions’ case studies, to identify the most urgent environmental issues of local communities and successful initiatives to involve adults in climate actions.

Available in July 2023

Sustainability kit

A collection of instruments to support environmental awareness-raising, as a printable “how-to guide” on 6 macro-areas:

  1. Water saving,
  2. Energy saving,
  3. Smart shopping & food,
  4. Waste management, recycling and upcycling,
  5. Active transport & mobility,
  6. Shrinking our (digital) carbon footprint.

Available in April 2025

Co-designed policy initiatives booklet

Set of recommendations for policy-initiatives, “co-designed” by citizens and policy makers, structured as follows:

  1. A description of the proposed approaches and their application in policy context, including participative environmental actions and Citizen science initiatives;
  2. Selected policy segments across 7 countries grouped in macro-areas;
  3. Results of consultations with policy-makers;
  4. Results of consultations with local environmental committees, formed by members of the local community;
  5. Recommendations for co-designed policy-initiatives

Available in August 2025


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